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Designer Bag Bingo



Proceeds from our fundraiser will support programs that assist low-income families in Harford County

Bargain hunters and handbag lovers take note: An all-new fundraiser organized by The SUCCESS Project offers a chance to take home authentic designer bags for just $25. Admission price includes a booklet of 20 bingo game cards (three cards per round) with one new, authentic designer bag awarded each round. Proceeds from the event will help to expand and enhance SUCCESS Project classes and services which assist low-income families on their journey to economic self-sufficiency.

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Designer Bag Bingo 2018

This all new event was held on August 17th at St. Matthew's Lutheran Church in Churchville.  One designer bag winner each round!

Thank You to everyone who helped make our first Designer Bag Bingo such a success. See below for pictures from the event.