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Families of Hope

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Families of Hope is a publicity campaign and fundraiser organized by The SUCCESS Project to build awareness about the many local families right here in Harford County struggling to realize the American Dream.

With the help of a variety of churches, agencies and support organizations, not to mention mentoring from private parties, these individuals are working hard to achieve or regain economic self-sufficiency.

Because they continue to work towards and are hitting their goals, they serve as a Beacon of Hope for others. So for that, and for their personal efforts, we want to celebrate and support them and that's what this event is all about.

New Fundraiser to Support the 2018-2019 Families of Hope

Meet the 2018-2019 Families of Hope Nominees

Read about this year's nominees below. Then donate to support their goals on our Celebration of Hope page.

Milly Conklin

MILLY CONKLIN – Milly was raised in Middle River and is the mother of three adult daughters and a grandmother to eight. A learning disability caused her to struggle in school and she did not have a chance to earn a high school diploma. At age 54 and with the support of her faith in God, Al-Anon and friends, Milly has recently earned her GED and is currently taking classes at Harford Community College with the goal of receiving an AA degree and the skills to get a better paying job. She credits her faith and support network with helping her to achieve victory over her past challenges and plans to continue her education and career development. Her ultimate goal is homeownership.

Milly's HOPE Coach is Shannon Scott of the Havre de Grace Housing Authority.

Milly Conklin

TIFFANY COREY – Tiffany grew up in Street. After leaving an abusive relationship, she was homeless before becoming a participant in the Anna's House transitional housing program. Now a single mother of two, it is her children who have inspired her to become economically self-sufficient. Tiffany is a Certified Nursing Assistant and has been working towards creating a safe and secure future for herself and her kids. To that end, her goal is to own a car since reliable transportation will enable her to seek additional employment opportunities and better access resources her family needs.

Tiffany's HOPE Coach is Lea Cataggio of Early Head Start

Milly Conklin

CHANELLE POUNDS – Originally from Churchville, Chanelle became a mother at just 16 years old, but quickly adapted her life goals to encompass her children—she now has five to care for—and the dreams she holds for their futures as well as her own inspire her to work harder and achieve more. A survivor of domestic violence, Chanelle also experienced homelessness as a result of escaping that situation; and she continues to work to overcome life challenges saying, "I have a big vision." She recently found new employment and is more determined than ever to let nothing get in the way of the many things she plans to accomplish. Her two immediate focus areas are continuing her education and becoming a homeowner.

Chanelle's HOPE Coach is Heidi Johnson of Inner County Outreach.

Why Be Part of The Families of Hope?

The 2017-2018 Families of Hope Campaign

There were nine nominees for the 2017-2018 Family of Hope Campaign.

Read their stories (pdf)

Rebecca Svoboda was named the Beacon of Hope for 2018 at the Celebration of Hope, held November 3, 2017.

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