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The SUCCESS Project Classes

The SUCCESS Project

Schedule of On-Site Classes

The following educational presentations are scheduled to be held on-site at the HDGHA Admininistration office beginning at 5PM.

All are FREE and open to the public. Registration is required.

The SUCCESS Project
101 Stansbury Court
Havre de Grace, MD

Parenting Workshops:
Join us the first Thursday of every month at 5:00pm and learn how to become a more effective parent. These interactive discussions will give you tips and techniques to cope with the challenges of parenting all age groups, and help you deepen the connection to your children by fostering self-love, responsibility, resiliency and self-esteem.

January 19th:   Making the Most of Your Taxes
Brian Godfrey/Picket Fence Tax Services
Learn how to read your W2 as well as how "fast cash" can steal your money.  get answers to your tax related questions.  What are allowances? What you should claim? Plan to use your tax return to get ahead and MORE!

February 9th:   Job training: Get your "training wheels" here!
Joe Ricci/ Susquehanna Workforce Network
Come find out about an organization many call Harford County's best kept secret.  For 33 years Susquehanna Workforce Network (SWN) has been assisting the residents of Harford and Cecil counties in their campaign for a better career.  Learn what services SWN offers all at NO COST to you.  Searching for a job, writing a resume, interviewing skills: they can help with all this and much more.

February 16th: "Let us guide you HOME"
Yvette Valentin/Habitat for Humanity Susquehanna
Considering homeownership?  Be inspired to move from renting to owning your own home.  Learn what steps are necessary to prepare you for this journey.

March 16th:   Attitude of Gratitude
Carn Cahoon/ Main Street Human Resources, LLC
Attend this communications workshop and learn what "life's soft skills" are and why they can change EVERYTHING!  How does body language say 10x more than words. Can LISTENING really change your life?  Find out how your attitude is MAKING OR BREAKING YOU and see how what you DON'T SAY is as important as what you DO SAY.

March 21st: Using Visualization to Get Inspired and Motivated
Linda Pope/Education Associates
Come and create a vision for your future.  Discuss what is important to you and create a vision board that can help keep you focused.  So, what's the big secret to creating a vision board that works? It's simple: Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not just on things that you want.  We will start with thinking about what your goals are in the following areas: relationships, career and finances, home, travel, personal growth (including spirituality, social life, education) and health.  You'll leave this class amazed at how things just start popping up all over the place once you set the intention for what you want and how you want to feel.

April 13th:  Stop Identity Theft in Its Tracks
Dee Baretto of APGFCU will lead this session to educate attendees about the different types of identity theft that exist today and a variety of detection methods that help to monitor your personal information. Find out what to do if you become a victim and what tools and strategies are available to prevent it! VIEW FLYER

May 2nd:  Just Breathe
Kim Solberg
Certified mindfulness trainer and former psychologist Kim Solberg will lead this class and introduce participants to the practices of relaxation breathing and meditation, including discussing how incorporating the techniques into our everyday lives can help reduce stress.

May 18th:  Feel it, think it, do it, be it
Jen Maxfield-DiCarlo/ Safe Harbor Christian Counseling
Stressed from everyday life? In need of a little pampering? Looking for coping techniques?  Let Jen from Safe Harbor teach you how to de-stress your life.  Explore Yoga therapy and experience the difference it will make with your mind and body.  This technique promotes all around positive health and improves medical issues such as chronic conditions and mental health. Learn how to take care of yourself so you can TAKE ON THE WORLD!

May 23rd:  Conflict Management
This hour long training will focus on the mediation process and include experiential activities to build positive conflict management skills. We will discuss the impact of community mediation and participate in an hands-on activity to express our thoughts effectively and practice reflective listening skills.  VIEW FLYER

May 25th:  Just Breathe
Jen Maxfield-DeCarlo/Safe Harbor Christian Counseling
Jen combines her social work experience with her training in yoga therapy to teach us the importance of taking care of ourselves first so we can best take care of other's we love. Jen has provided counseling to children, adults and families and specializes in reduction of stress, anxiety and depression.  VIEW FLYER

September 21st:   Knowledge is power
Brandy Naughton/Harford Community College
Don't get STUCK in your job.  Learn how to get ahead with a HOT certificate or continuing your education.  Are you bored and want a career change?   Attend this class to hear about new opportunities to better your life.
Need your GED? Find out all the benefits of getting your GED and how it relates to making more money.    

October 19th:  Love shouldn't hurt
Maura Burton/ SARC 
Domestic Violence doesn't always look like you think.  Learn the early warning signs of domestic, emotional, financial, and physical abuse in a relationship.  Discuss your thoughts on what you feel is acceptable and unacceptable behavior and find out the facts from the expert. Maura Burton will be here from SARC. 

November 16th:   Transportation Information
Al Doran/ Harford Transit LINK
There are many barriers in life but TRANSPORTATION should not be one of them.  People must get to work, doctor's appointments and visit family.  There are some big changes coming to Harford Transit LINK.  Learn how to maneuver your way around the County in one informative class. 

December 14th:  "Homework" is a good thing
Meredith McCallister/ Home Partnership
Doing your "homework" before purchasing your own home is essential. This class will present the many benefits to taking a first-time home buyers class.  Find out what grants you may qualify for to assist with down payment and closing costs.   Specific banks offer different types of loans. Learn which is the right one for you. Ask the questions and get the answers that will get the ball rolling on making your dream become a reality.

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