Our Mission: Helping Families, Uniting Communities

TSP Helping Families and Uniting Communities

The SUCCESS Project, Inc. (TSP) was established in 2015 and is a 501(c)3 affiliate of the Havre de Grace Housing Authority.

We believe everyone has a place at the community table; and connect those working towards economic independence with the knowledge, resources and opportunities they need to achieve their goals. Clients of TSP receive personalized life coaching and referral services as needed in the following areas: Education, Job Training, Employment Opportunities, Health Care, Parenting, Financial Education, Credit Counseling, Home Ownership, Career Advancement, Transportation, Life Skills and Entrepreneurship.

Our services, programs and classes are offered at no cost for families and individuals and are open to the public.
(Fees apply for Professional Development and Community Training Workshops presented for churches, businesses and other organizations. Cost varies by location and group size.

Mission Statement

In accordance with the mission of the Havre de Grace Housing Authority, The SUCCESS Project was established to empower low-to-moderate income families by providing learning opportunities and services that support comprehensive family stability and personal and economic self-sufficiency. We assist program participants with setting goals and developing action plans so they can create brighter, financially independent futures and improve the quality of their lives.


The SUCCESS Project is built on mutual respect and understanding between us and those we serve.  Core values and goals for both parties include:

  • Making Personal Connections: Forming meaningful relationships with each other and individuals in the broader community
  • Being Inclusive: Recognizing and respecting the value, worth, dignity and differences of every individual
  • Taking Responsibility: Holding ourselves accountable for commitments, duties and actions
  • Striving for More: Always seeking knowledge & remaining determined to attain the tools & information needed to achieve
  • Staying Ambitious: Utilizing every opportunity and believing that personal growth and prosperity are not limited by where a person comes from, how much education they have, or who they know
  • Focusing on Positives: Celebrating successes, and rewarding achievements
  • Remaining Respectful: Promote mutual understanding by recognizing sensitivities and the importance of diversity
  • Having Integrity: Maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards by making your word your bond