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Families of Hope

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Families of Hope is a publicity campaign and fundraiser organized by The SUCCESS Project to build awareness about the many local families right here in Harford County struggling to realize the American Dream.

With the help of a variety of churches, agencies and support organizations, not to mention mentoring from private parties, these individuals are working hard to achieve or regain economic self-sufficiency.

Because they continue to work towards and are hitting their goals, they serve as a Beacon of Hope for others. So for that, and for their personal efforts, we want to celebrate and support them and that's what this event is all about.

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Milly Conklin
2019 Beacon of Hope

Milly Conklin

A learning disability caused Milly to struggle with academics so she did not have a chance to earn a high school diploma. At age 54 she went back to school and earned her GED; but that was only the beginning.

Read the rest of her inspirational story here.

Rebecca Svoboda
2018 Beacon of Hope

Rebecca Svoboda

Rebecca Svoboda was named the Beacon of Hope for 2018 at the Celebration of Hope. Rebecca left an abusive marriage and set out to create a happier life for herself and her two children. Now working and a single mother, she continues to strive towards her version of the American dream while also doing what she can to assist other abuse victims.

Chrystal Morris
2017 Beacon of Hope

Chrystal Morris

Chrystal Morris and family, nominated by Safe Harbor Christian Counseling, raised the most in the 2016 program, and thus earned the title of 2017 Beacon of Hope. A portion of the proceeds were used to make much needed repairs to Chrystal's vehicle to further support her family's efforts to be financially independent.

Why Be Part of The Families of Hope?

There were nine nominees for the 2017-2018 Family of Hope Campaign.

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