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Supporting the Upward Climb to Continued Economic Self-Sufficiency



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Our Services: The SUCCESS Project

education for low-inome familes in Harford Maryland

The SUCCESS Project hosts programs specifically designed to educate low-income families on how to achieve personal and economic self-sufficiency and prevent welfare dependence, intergenerational poverty, unemployment, family instability, homelessness, school failure, involvement in the juvenile justice system, substance abuse and other at-risk behaviors.

We are committed to continuing to serve the needs of families for generations to come.

Upcoming Classes

All on-site SUCCESS Project classes and services are FREE and open to the public. Registration is required.
To enroll or to find out more information, call 410-939-2097.

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Classes and seminars for adults cover a variety of relevant topics such as:

  • Finances
  • Health, Wellness and Nutrition
  • Home Ownership
  • Employment
  • Life Skills Training
  • Education
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Personal Growth


Additional Programs


Personalized support is the foundation of every TSP service offered to individuals and families. Life coaches and participants work together to identify and set goals needed to improve life circumstances in a variety of areas. TSP is committed to becoming a long term support system to those we serve. Referrals are given to families needing concrete services such as permanent housing, eviction prevention, mental health counseling or utility support.


In addition to classes, TSP holds support groups to help participants gain the skills for coping with life's challenges, changes and relationships. Available groups change as needed and include Parenting and Women's Leadership.


TSP also offers after-school youth activities that provide age appropriate educational opportunities for youth ages 5-17, such as our Youth Leadership Achievement Progam.

Much like the adult level classes, the youth programs include instruction in the areas of finances, health/nutrition, art/music, community and leadership, as well as STEM.

We are proud to offer a nutritionally-balanced free supper to each enrolled child each school day, too.


TSP stocks a pantry of non-perishable foods, cleaning supplies and personal hygiene items for progam participants as well as the community at large. Donations are always accepted!   Download our flyer for a list of needs.