Success Stories:

What is Success Stories Program, the Upward Climb to Success

Success Stories, the Upward Climb to Success

Donations fund our programs and assist those in need

  • Food & Household Supplies from our SUCCESS Pantry
  • Employment Workshops and Assistance for Jobseekers
  • Parenting and Life Skills Seminars
  • Debt Control and Homeownership Classes
  • GED and Post-Secondary Education Sessions
  • Healthcare and Insurance Guidance for Senior Citizens
  • Youth Tutoring and Enrichment Activities

Every contribution enables the start of a new chapter

  • $25—Provides one family with toiletries
  • $50—Fills a backpack with school supplies
  • $75—Pays for an after-school art or music class for local kids
  • $100—Buys two children a winter coat
  • $125—Covers costs for an enrichment program for three teens
  • $250—Stocks the SUCCESS pantry to help feed 10 families
  • $500—Enables one child to attend a summer camp
  • $1000—Sponsors community-wide self-sufficiency resources like SUCCESS shuttle trips, youth financial education and workshop speakers throughout the year

Together we create happy endings

After being raised in foster care and moving around a lot, it was important to single mom Jasmine to create a stable homelife for her kids. The SUCCESS Project helped her set goals and attain the education and training needed to become a dental assistant. Her new career provided greater income and offered job security which enabled her to better provide for her family. Jasmine continued to pursue professional development in the field and is now on her way to becoming a dental hygienist.

Donations are tax deductible.

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